Ingredients Database

Contains nutritional data on more than 3000 feedstuffs, with data derived from published information for human, livestock, pet, and wild foods. Ingredients are arranged alphabetically by common English name in logical Feed Categories; the database contains scientific (Latin) names where applicable, and allows for customization of any ingredient name into any language. Prices can also be added to standard feed units for quick budgetary calculations. New/unique feeds can be added and/or edited without overwriting existing data. Display of onscreen nutritional data can be customized to your needs.

Energetics Calculator

Estimated daily calorie or joule requirements for a variety of mammals, birds, and reptiles easily calculated by standardized equations, based on body weights, feeding habits, activity levels and/or physiological state.

Nutrient Recommendations Database

Information on published requirements for livestock, pet, and wildlife species of differing production states or physiological stages available for diet assessment/ targets.

Diet Records

Combining added amounts with information from the Feeds Database, you are able to create diets and record feeding schedules/preparation details. "In-House" Mixes (for example, green salad, fruit, vegetable or seed mixes) can be saved separately for use as a single "Ingredient" in complex diets. Nutrient information associated with Ingredients allows you to easily review nutrient data of diets, and readily see effects of altering amounts or ingredients. Using the Energetics Calculator and Recommendations Modules, you can evaluate suitability of a diet relative to animal requirements.


Using the comparison module, composition of multiple feedstuffs and/or diets and/or recommendationscan be simultaneously compared in a spreadsheet format.

Feeding Groups

Tools for scaling diet preparation, ingredient bulk ordering, and food delivery reports are available by linking basal diets with animal inventory, location and enclosure details.

Reference Library

Example Consultation, Research, and Evaluation Forms available as downloads, along with information on Nutrient Toxicities, Stability, Feed Handling/Storage, Calculation of Energy Needs, Enrichments, and source of all material provided.

System requirements

Windows: Windows 10 or newer
64bit system
8GB Ram
100mb Hard Drive space

Mac: OS 11 or newer
64bit Intel or M1 processor
8GB Ram
100mb Hard Drive space



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